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Introducing: Furch Guitars 🎸

Introducing: Furch Guitars 🎸

Big news here at Zedem!

We're now a proud dealer of Furch Guitarsone of the only in Québec! Our first batch of orders has just recently come into the store, and we're beyond thrilled to have these beauties in our acoustic lineup.

Watch Thomas introduce the brand in the above video or keep reading to get the lowdown. 🧐

And most importantly: come take a look at the guitars in-store!

About Furch

Furch is, at its core, a family business. Founded by Frantisek Furch in the 1970s, the Czech company has grown from a solo manufacture to a highly specialized, top quality company whose instruments are made with both passion and innovation. Since then, Frantisek's son Petr Furch has joined the company and brought his own knowledge and expertise, helping to develop Furch Guitars into a company that delivers guitars embracing both tradition and modern technology.

Winter-Hardy Guitars

One major defining quality of Furch's guitars is their CNR neck technology. Standing for Composite Neck Reinforcement, the CNR system boosts the stability of the truss rod, making the neck much less prone to reacting to variations in ambient humidity. For us in Québec who have to deal with massive changes in climate and seasonal maintenance of our guitars' action, it's a huge deal!

For more information on the finer points of the technology, check out their page on the Furch CNR System®.

Unique Body Finishes

Furch Guitars is also unique for having developed their own body finishes. Their UV-based varnish sets them apart from other polyurethane-based varnishes: highly breathable, the lacquer allows for deep acoustic resonance and great durability. Whether gloss, satin or vintage, the finish is a perfect blend of traditional expertise and modern design.

Get the full picture on their different finishes here.

A Guitar for Every Player

Lefties and variety lovers rejoice: Furch Guitars leaves no player out! A huge selection of their product lines can be made left-handed, or as 7- to 9-string (doubled high strings for that extra oomph), 12-string, and even baritone guitars.

And the best part? Bearable ETAs! Most guitars on special order will usually come into the store in around 4 to 10 weeks, depending on the model.

With Furch, there's really something for everyone; from their ingenious Little Jane travel guitars to the ultra-comfortable Grand Nylon classical series, their traditionally-inspired Vintage guitars and their flagship Colour Series, you're bound to find the Furch guitar to round out your collection.

Here's a quick rundown of the Colour Series:

Which of the Furch Guitars lineup tickles your fancy? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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