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🚚 FREE shipping on orders over 99$ before taxes *
🚚 FREE shipping on orders over 99$ before taxes *



Your instrument is not as nice to play as it was?

You have problems with electronics, frets or settings to solve?

You want to replace your pickup or other parts on your instrument?

For all your needs, trust our professional guitar repair services.

Whether for a routine adjustment, restoration, modification or repair of your instrument, the work is always done with the utmost care and 100% guaranteed.

Adjustments and fine-tuning are made according to your needs and playing style.

Electronic Repair

Your tube amplifier does not seem to give the same performance as before?

There is crackling when you operate the control buttons on your device?

Does your device malfunction or simply not turn on?

From the simple maintenance of your equipment to the modification or restoration of your tube amplifier, we will meet your expectations. That's why Zedem guarantees all repairs for 90 days!

We offer services for all kinds of electronic devices.

75$+tax deposit requested covering the first hour of work and / or estimate.

Contact us for all the details.

Wind Instruments Repair

Whether for routine maintenance, adjustment or repair of your instrument, our qualified technician will perform the work with precision.

Servicing all brass and woodwind instruments. Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone and more!

Work 100% guaranteed