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🚚 FREE shipping on orders over 99$ before taxes *

Winter Band Camp

Need a pick-me-up during those long winter months? Do you want to share your passion for music with people as involved as you? Look no further, this activity is for you! A perfect transition to the return of the holidays, start your new year on the right foot with our Bandcamp activity! 8 weeks of practice with musicians of your level, guided by an outstanding teacher, ending with a show at the end of March! Register now for this rewarding winter activity!

What is the Bandcamp?

  • Every winter
  • 8 band classes spread over 8 weeks
  • A show where each band presents the songs they have selected and worked on together.
  • These group classes are in parallel with a series of private lessons that serve to perfect your playing and set up the material you will be playing in group.
  • The $480 fee includes the 8 group lessons and 8 private lessons. 

To participate :
450-987-4370 ext.5