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TamaS.L.P. Dynamic Kapur - Gloss Black Kapur Burst

by Tama
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Tama S.L.P. Drum Kit Dynamic Kapur - Gloss Black Kapur Burst

This model features Kapur material, which has caught many drummers' attention for its open lively sound with great projection. We paired it with our Sound Arc Hoops for plenty of attack and moderately controlled overtones of the Kapur shells. It offers warm resonance and a very natural, comfortable feel. Because of its articulate sound and enhanced attack, it works very well for funk, fusion and gospel. The high volume potential also lends itself perfectly to rock music.


Sliding Tom Adjustment

This tom-holder expands setting flexibility by using a sliding connector unit that moves back and forth up to 50mm (2 inches). Now a player simply loosens a bolt in order to easily adjust the proximity of any size toms, large or small!

This allows the player to set any size tom toms to their desired proximity with great ease!

Star-Mount System

Star-Mount System

The Star-Mount System was developed to increase the resonance of drums. This new mounting system provides support at four points on the batter side hoop of a drum.
The bracket eye-bolts slide to the left and right, so it's possible to prevent the eye-bolts from touching each other even when setting up two toms close to each other.

Evans® G1 Coated Head

Evans G1 Coated Head

Evans heads are featured on Dynamic Kapur drum kit (except bass drum front heads).

Hyper-Drive Toms

Hyper-Drive Toms

Hyper-Drive is the new standard depth size on tom toms. Its short depth creates enhanced attack, punchy sound, and quick response. And more it allows you to set up the rack toms in lower position. So, you can post the tom toms more freely.

All Kapur Shell

All Kapur Shell

(TT/FT) 6ply, 5mm / (BD) 7ply, 6mm
Kapur is relatively heavy and hard wood that provides a fat, dry and warm sound. This well-balanced sound is suitable for various genres of music.

Sound Arc Hoop

Sound Arc Hoop

S.L.P. drum kit Dynamic kapur will be fitted with our new Sound Arc Hoops, inspired by the so-called "stick saver hoops" which were used on select vintage snare drums. The edges of the Sound Arc Hoops bend inward to enhance the natural tone of the drum and offer increased sensitivity, precision, and control.



Description Q'ty
22"x16" Bass Drum 1
10"x6.5" Tom Tom 1
12"x7" Tom Tom 1
16"x14" Floor Tom 1
Double Tom Holder 1