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Thomastik-Infeld Violin String Set Dominant - 4/4

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Since 1970, Dominant strings — with their iconic, revolutionary string design — have been a reliable partner for generations of diverse violin players and rank among the worlds most used violin strings. Honoring the sound qualities of the great old master-players, they deliver a vibrant tone due to their broad sound, dark core sound and brilliant overtones with a metallic sparkle. Using a balanced mix of bow speed and bow pressure on different positions of contact, they allow violinists to easily modulate a wide range of colors with a refined bow noise. This unique mix of sound qualities leads to an exceptionally true character that emphasizes a violin’s individual sound. Dominant’s concept of low tension relieves the instrument of undue stress and offers a sustainable string choice for old and precious violins. These comprehensive attributes have also made Dominant the reference standard for luthiers seeking to assess their instruments. With their wide range of sizes and tension options, Dominant strings work well with most instruments making them a universal choice for generations. The set 135 has a brilliant character with a higher metallic sound component and fast response. The sound quality of its bow noise is closer to plain gut strings, which is preferred by most Dominant players. The E-string included in the set is a non-whistling string, whose warm character nicely rounds up the sound of the whole set. The set 135A has an open and focused sound with a more refined bow noise leading to a generally warmer character of the set. It is possible to modulate even more colors due to a slightly less direct bow response. The set 135B has a brilliant and open sound with pronounced clarity. This set´s extremely corrosion resistant E-string supports these qualities by giving it an even faster response and direct sound character. The set 135BA has a direct and focused sound with a slightly warmer character compared to the set 135A. It has a great ability to modulate sound colors and good projection due to the amount of its refined bow noise.