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Truetone CS7 1 Spot Pro

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The 1 SPOT Pro Story

“A lot of people over the years had told us that we should make a power brick. Even some of my own staff urged me to do it, but I didn’t want to for two reasons. First, I knew the 1 SPOT could power just about every pedal out there, so I didn’t see the need. Second, I didn’t want to make just another knock-off of someone else’s power brick. If we were going to make one, we were going to do it our way and have features that nobody else could offer. As pedal designs changed and it became more common for digital pedals to require isolation and for others to need something other than 9Vdc, I finally saw a reason for us to design a power brick.”

“It took 3 years and lots of experimentation, but we were finally able to design a 1 SPOT Pro, using our own proprietary technology to give musicians all the features they need for today’s pedalboards. The original 1 SPOT still works great for most musicians, but for those who need more power and versatility, the 1 SPOT Pro fills the need perfectly.” - Bob Weil


1 SPOT Pro Features

Feature Description Image
1 SPOT Technology
  • Switching power supply technology
  • Eliminates noise
  • Provides electrical isolation
  • Creates multiple voltages
  • Worldwide use
  • Handles more current than traditional power supplies
1 SPOT Technology
Multiple Voltages
  • Outputs: 9Vdc, 12Vdc, 18Vdc
  • Variable voltage output (CS12)
  • Converter cables available for voltage adjustment:
    • Voltage Doubler
    • 18V to 9V Converter
Voltage Options
Converter Cables
Variable Voltage
Converter Cables
Converter Cables
Worldwide Voltage Input
  • Compatible with worldwide voltage standards
  • Input voltage switch on the CS12 for 9VAC output
  • Other outputs on the CS12, CS6, and CS7 are voltage flexible
Voltage Input
Voltage Switch
Voltage Compatibility
Rugged Steel Housing
  • Durable all-steel housing
  • Cleverly designed vents for protection
Steel Housing
Pure Isolation
  • Galvanic isolation between outputs
  • Additional pure analog regulation for low noise
Pure Isolation
Energy Efficient
  • Replaces inefficient power supplies and batteries
  • Saves energy and reduces toxic waste
  • High efficiency with low noise operation
Energy Efficient


1 SPOT Pro CS7 Power Supply

1 SPOT Pro CS7 Power Supply


5.5” x 3.37” x 2” (140 x 86 x 50mm); 1.31 lbs. (592 grams) - weight and dimensions of power supply only, not including cables or packaging.

Input Voltage

The 1 SPOT Pro CS7 can be used anywhere in the world without the use of a step-up or step-down transformer. Like our 1 SPOT, it transforms wall voltage from 100-240Vac, and converts it into the stated voltages on the front panel of the unit.


Power cables (all are center pin negative polarity):

  • (4) DC18 (5.5x2.1mm barrel plugs; 18” (457mm) – White
  • (3) DC12 (5.5x2.1mm barrel plugs; 12” (305mm) – Yellow

Converter Plugs:

  • (1) CL6 – (5.5x2.1mm barrel input, 5.5x2.5 barrel output; reverse polarity) - Green – for Line 6 DL4/M9/etc. and some Eventide pedals.
  • (1) CYR – (5.5x2.1mm barrel input, 5.5x2.1 barrel output; reverse polarity) - Red – reverse polarity converter
  • (1) C35 – (5.5x2.1mm barrel input, 3.5mm male output; tip positive) - Black – 3.5mm (1/8”) plug converter
  • (1) CBAT – (5.5x2.1mm barrel input, Black battery clip output) - Connects to battery clip wires inside pedals that do not have DC jacks. Do NOT connect to a battery!
Cables and Converter Plugs

Available Output Voltages

  • Output 1: 18VDC (100mA)
  • Outputs 2-5: 9VDC or 12VDC (200mA)
  • Outputs 6-7: 9VDC (500mA)
Available Output Voltages

Pedaltrain Mounting Brackets

The only power brick to include easy-to-install mounting brackets for Pedaltrain pedalboards. Output labels are duplicated under the unit for easy reference.

Pedaltrain Mounting Brackets

Can the 1 SPOT Pro power my pedal?

That question can best be answered by looking at the following questions and notes…

Which output and settings do I use for my pedals?

It is important for you to know the power requirements for your pedal. For every pedal that you are going to power via the 1 SPOT Pro CS12, you need to know the following:

  1. What is the voltage required by the pedal?
  2. Does the pedal require AC or DC voltage?
  3. What is the polarity of the pedal? (Center pin positive or negative.)

These questions can usually be answered by:

  1. Inspecting the pedal itself near the power jack.
  2. Referring to the owner’s manual.
  3. Checking online, or contacting the manufacturer
  4. If your pedal can be powered by a 9Vdc battery, it can be powered by one of the 9Vdc outputs (an exception being the Boss ACA pedals, see below).

Notes on certain pedals:

  • Some older Boss pedals require 12Vdc, yet can be powered by a 9Vdc battery. They will indicate “Use ACA adaptor” near the power jack. To power an ACA pedal please use outputs 2-5, and set to 12Vdc on the dip switch for the corresponding output. Modern Boss pedals will indicate “PSA,” and can be powered by any of the 1 SPOT Pro CS7’s 9Vdc outputs.
  • Many germanium based fuzzes and Octavia-style pedals will require the use of the CYR adaptor to reverse the polarity to center pin positive.
  • For pedals with high milliamp draws such as Strymon please utilize outputs 6 or 7 that produce 500mA each.
  • Eventide pedals such as the Time Factor and H9 may be powered by outputs 6 or 7 with the addition of the CL6 converter, for proper dc jack tip size and polarity.
  • Line 6 M5 may be powered by outputs 6 or 7.
  • Line 6 M9, and the modeling pedals (DL-4/MM-4), may be powered by outputs 6 or 7, and will also require the CL6 converter.
  • Line 6 Tone Core pedals may be powered by any 9Vdc output.
  • Line 6 POD or M13 cannot be powered by the 1 SPOT Pro CS7.
  • If more 9Vdc pedals need to be powered, a MC5 daisy chain (sold separately) may be plugged into any of the 9Vdc outputs depending on mA draw.
  • Pedals that do not utilize a power jack, yet are powered normally by a 9Vdc battery, may utilize any 9Vdc output, along with the CBAT converter.