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Jérémy Sigouin

Jérémy Sigouin (Jay) began his musical journey at the age of 10 by challenging the strings of the acoustic guitar and quickly turned to the electric guitar and the vast lands of Rock and Heavy Metal. At the same time he was involved in several school and outside projects where he studied the basics of bass, jazz and popular music. He finished his academic career with a Bachelor's degree in guitar in 2015.  

For the past 10 years, he has been active on the Quebec music scene in a multitude of projects of all kinds. He has performed with : Marie-Ève Laure, Laurence St-Martin, Mademoizelle Philippe, Justin Saladino Band, MIRO, Léa Jarry, Babins, Renée Wilkin, Laurence Doire Country Band, Sam Simard, Garth Brooks Fever, Blé and many other projects!  

Armed with a diversified and acquired musical culture, he will be able to train each of his students, no matter what road they want to take. An assiduous music lover, he will share with you with passion the musical discoveries he carries with him.

"Country music? Blues? Folk music? Jazz? Rock? Pop? Do you want some guitar? Here you go!"

Jeremy has been teaching for several years at Zedem and is now part of the video team. So you'll often see him on your favorite music news!

Price list

Registration fees for new students : 25 $ / Family package : 35 $ (One-time fee)

Lessons Bloc Duration Price
4 Lessons 60 min 168 $ (42,00$/h)
10 Lessons* 60 min 400 $ (40,00$/h)
18 Lessons* 60 min 684 $ (38,00$/h)
36 Lessons* 60 min 1296 $ (36,00$/h)
Lessons Bloc Duration Price
4 Lessons 45 min 134 $ (33,50$/45 min)
10 Lessons* 45 min 320 $ (32$/45 min)
18 Lessons* 45 min 549 $ (30,50$/45 min)
36 Lessons* 45 min 1044 $ (29$/45 min)
Lessons Bloc Duration Price
4 Lessons 30 min 108 $ (27,00$/30 min)
10 Lessons* 30 min 255 $ (25,50$/30 min)
18 Lessons* 30 min 432 $ (24,00$/30 min)
36 Lessons* 30 min 828 $ (23,00$/30 min)

*Equal payments without interest available

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