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Darkglass Alpha-Omega Photon Bass Distortion/Compression Pedal

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Original price $829.99
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This creation differs greatly from our previous preamplifiers and overdrives: it is fully operational amplifier based and has two distinct distortion circuits (Alpha and Omega) which can be selected or blended using our Mod knob. This unusual control, in conjunction with the toggle switches and 3 active band equalizer makes Alpha · Omega the most flexible among our designs.

  • Blend:
    • Mixes clean and processed signals.
    • Clean signal remains at unity gain.
    • Volume of overdriven signal set by Level knob.
  • Level:
    • Sets volume of overdriven signal.
  • Drive:
    • Sets amount of gain in overdriven signal.
  • Bite:
    • Boosts High Mids (2.8kHz) for additional presence and definition.
  • Growl:
    • Shelving Bass Boost for a fatter tone and increased low-end saturation.
  • Mod:
    • Selects or mixes between two distortion circuits (Alpha and Omega).
    • Alpha: Punchy, tight with a lot of definition.
    • Omega: Brutal and raw.
  • Bass:
    • +-12dB @ 80Hz.
  • Mid:
    • +-12dB @ 500Hz.
  • Treble:
    • +-12dB @ 5kHz.
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 94 mm / 3¾″
    • Length: 120 mm / 4¾″
    • Height: 46 mm / 1¾″
    • Weight: 320 g / 0.7 lb
  • Warning:
    • The Alpha · Omega has a current draw of 30mA.
    • Use only a regulated 9V DC adapter with a center-negative plug.
    • Unregulated power supplies and/or higher voltages may result in suboptimal noise performance and damage your unit, voiding the warranty.
Input & output
  • Output:
    • Connect from the ¼” Output jack to the input of your amplifier or another effects pedal.
  • Ground Lift:
    • Use this control to lift the ground of the XLR output.
    • Helpful in reducing ground noise in your DI signal.
  • Direct Output:
    • A balanced version of the ¼” output.
    • Useful for connecting to PA systems or studio mixing consoles.
  • Input:
    • Connect your instrument or output from your pedal board to the ¼” mono jack.
  • 9V DC:
    • Only use a regulated 9V DC adapter with a center-negative plug.
  • Parallel Output:
    • A passthrough for your input signal.
    • Useful for parallel processing applications.