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Korg MA2BLBK Digital LCD Metronome - Blue/Black

by Korg
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Korg Digital LCD Metronome, Blue / Black

The MA-2 is an indispensable unit for rhythm training, and solidly covers the functions of a metronome. In addition to basic functionality such a wide tempo range and a generous number of beats and rhythm patterns, it also provides user-friendly features including an improved display, a loud, crisp sound, and additional functions such as a newly provided timer mode. Choose from two different vivid and stylish color schemes for the body: blue and black, or a black and red. The MA-2s display is 30% larger than that of the previous model, drastically improving the visibility. Within the display, a digital needle moves between left and right, providing a visual indication of the beat in additional to the audible indication. A triangular icon shows the beat position and the timing at which the measure changes. The MA-2 is equipped with a newly designed electronic buzzer. Its more powerful, providing easily audible sound that wont be buried by high-volume instruments or high frequencies. You can choose from three different methods of setting the tempo: pendulum step lets you specify a numeric value just as on a mechanical metronome, full step lets you specify the tempo in one-step increments, and tap tempo lets you specify the tempo by pressing a button in time with the song youre playing. You can also combine a time signature of between 09 beats with eight types of rhythm, supporting many types of musical practicing.

  • Tempo range 30 bpm to 252 bpm
  • Tempo settings PENDULUM step, FULL step, TAP tempo
  • Beat Range 09 beats
  • Rhythms Quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets (straight triplets, triplets with inner beat omitted, triplets with the third beat omitted), sixteenth notes (quadruplets, quadruplets with middle beats omitted, quadruplets with the third and fourth beats omitted).
  • Tempo accuracy 0.02%
  • Reference Tone C4 (261.63Hz) to B4 (493.88Hz) 1 octave
  • Calibration range A4=410Hz to 480Hz (unit: 1Hz)
  • Tone accuracy under 1cent
  • Connections Headphones jack (3.5mm stereo mini jack)
  • Speaker F15mm piezo speaker
  • Power Supply Two AAA batteries, 3V
  • Battery Life Approx. 100 hours (when using zinc-carbon batteries), Approx. 400 hours (when using alkaline batteries), (tempo 120, 4 beats, and max volume)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 100 ? 60 ? 16 mm / 3.94 x 2.36 x 0.63
  • Weight 68 g / 2.40 oz. (including batteries)
  • Included Items Two AAA alkaline batteries for verifying operation
  • Color Variations Blue-Black (MA-2-BLBK) or Black-Red (MA-2-BKRD)