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PRS Private Stock - The Ultimate Guitars

PRS Private Stock - The Ultimate Guitars

Enter the world of luxury with PRS Private Stock guitars. Anyone who is familiar with the guitar world knows that PRS stands for quality across the board. However, you may not know the pinnacle of their talent.

Let us make your mouth water.

PRS has been playing in the big leagues for a long time now, offering us innovative guitars where the build quality is matched only by the sound quality that emanates from them.

We can deconstruct the company's lines quite clearly by starting with the SE series, the entry level. This is followed by the S2 series, which begins construction on American soil, followed closely by the "Bolt-On" (CE) and "Core" series, which stand out.

From here, we are treated to a trip to seventh heaven, the Private Stock. There is a great team of luthiers dedicated to building your dream guitar. Their goal is simple, to create instruments that are unique and personalized in every way.

Thanks to this team, you will be advised and guided step by step in order to have the best instrument composition possible. 

Everything is within your reach

Absolutely all components are customizable.
Let's start with the base of a guitar, the wood. The best pieces are reserved for private stock. We have the complete PRS catalog. Light, dark, flamed or quilted woods, nothing is impossible. The Private Stock team will be able to suggest the best wood combinations from headstock to body

Not only the wood is at your choice, the best electronic components are at your disposal. It is possible to take advantage of the best pick-up arrangements and even create your own combinations. You will be able to choose the selection systems that suit you best (5 standard selectors, 24-08 system, etc.)

The aesthetics have no limits, starting with the wood pattern on the top. Then the Private Stock team guides you to create your ideal coloring.

Still not enough for you?

Imagine the most outrageous inlays along your fretboard. You have a multitude of materials (shell, wood, pearls, etc.) to make the style of your fretboard optimal.

What about comfort?

Like everything else, you will have access to all the types of necks in the catalog as well as personalized variations of them. It's also the same for the body curves. What are your ultimate comfort points? They will be there.

Zedem is in the top 3 PRS retailers in Canada. If you have any questions, our team is ready to answer them. If it's not a Private Stock that will satisfy you or your wallet won't recover. We have access to all the PRS selections and editions the company offers. The choice will always be in your hands.

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